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PostPosted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 11:24 am
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tak ENDORSKE prasatka konecne neco pro vas:
zdravim,chci vam predstavit zcela novy projekt ktery sem nedavno obevil,jedna se o pvp akci kde jde lootovat,system pvp FFA(muzete utocit na kohokoliv a vylotit,ano i stejnou frakci)dale je chloubou unikatni player housing a moznost stavet guildovni mesta,samozrejme se hraje klasicky tady vsemy zname TW.jedinou nevyhodou zustava pocet lidi online.jelikoz se jedna o zcela zbrusu novy projekt(ted byl wipe) tak se neni cemu divit.urcite to vyzkousejte a za vic lidi online budem vsichni jenom radi
see you in game http://www.oh-wow.net/index.php

trosku blizsi info

Server Information
Patch: 3.3.3a
Realmlist: set realmlist oh-wow.net

City sieges
Siege bosses
Guild cities + banes
Player housing
Bounty Hunter
Top 10 players/killing blows/deaths
Recall book (instant teleport after you mark a location)
Loot drop; every person has the right to drop 1 equipped item + full inventory on death.
Gear insurance (costs 100 gold, and will protect your gear until death, or for 1 hour)
Custom currency (which you can turn in to your pandaren monk for your rewards)
Faction-less gameplay (can group/guild/become friends with the opposite faction)
Free-for-all PvP (alliance can attack alliance, vice versa)
A sanctuary (the only safe spot in the game, outside this, and you can be killed at anytime)

Scisko:timto protestuji proti pk.
Ertai:pisu si vase jmena

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