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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:11 am
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Changes in a nutshell
  • if you help a criminal or a murderer, you can be reported for murder by their victims.
  • a victim of an attack can defend itself legally, whether they are innocent or not. By attacking first and getting killed, you cannot report them for murder, even if your victim is a criminal or a murderer.
  • if you attack someone legally, he will remain attackable to you for the duration of the fight, and you for him. Other players may see your reputation differently.
  • enemies in PvP (league, guild wars) are orange.
  • .guards command now works outside of guard zones. It will turn your aggressors to criminals, so at least other players may help you.
  • The "Query before performing criminal actions" client option now works correctly. It will protect you from many (not all!) cases where you would get a negative flag.
  • .filterhelp command blocks any beneficial action towards aggressors, criminals and murderers. This will protect you from getting reported for murder.
  • stealing and snooping now use aggressor and criminal flags
Name colors
Innocent player. By attacking them, you become an aggressor (see below). If you attack first and they die, you can be reported for murder. 5 reports will make you a red murderer.
Blue NPCs are innocent and any aggression will earn you a criminal flag.
Light grey
An attackable player, you can help or harm them freely. It is someone who has attacked you or you have attacked them lawfully. Other players may see him in different color.
Light grey NPCs are neutral (animals) and you may hunt them freely.
The color of your PvP enemies (league and guild wards).
An ally, you may help or harm them. It is the color for party or guild members and guild alliances.
Dark grey #criminal#
An outlaw to be attacked freely. You may also call the guards (.guards). If you aid them, you will get a criminal flag yourself.
A killer who has slain at least 5 victims. He is a permanent outcast and helping him will make you a criminal.
Red NPCs are evil and most likely they will attack you first.

Highlight colors
They follow notoriety as given above, with one exception:
An invulnerable creature.

#aggressor# - this player has attacked another. He is subject to his name's color, but for one exception: by helping him, you will share the responsibility for his crimes (you will get aggressor flags for all of his victims). To prevent this, use the .filterhelp command.

Combat system
If you attack anyone, they can defend themselfs legally. You will be grey to them (if you are not already red, green etc.). If the victim is innocent and you harm them, they can fight back, call the guards and make you a criminal. If the victim is NOT innocent, it will appear grey even when others see it as blue already.
Example: if you are blue and attack a criminal, you will see each other as attackable (grey) long after the criminal flag vanishes. Other players will see two fighting blues. This way you can finish the fight without being limited by the flag's duration. If you kill the criminal, you cannot be reported, but neither can be the criminal, because you attacked him first.
If you help an innocent, an ally or a grey opponent, all is well. If your patient is an aggressor, you will get an aggressor flag to all their opponents. For aiding criminals and murderers you get a criminal flag and murder reports from all their victims.

.guards - will turn all aggressors currently pursuing you to criminals. If you are in a guard zone (usually in town), guards will come to help you.
.filterhelp - a failsafe for preventing any help towards aggressors/criminals/murderers.

Additional information
  • do not loot corpses with a blue name, you will become a criminal.
  • if you wish to stay blue, turn on the "Query before performing criminal actions" option (Options, Reputation system tab). You will get a warning before performing any negative action.
  • reporting for murder by aiding outlaws works only for a short period after the last attack, but serves well for punishing blues that actively help murderers during a fight.

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